How Profits Can Be Made Through Forestry Investment

There are so many ways to grow profits through investment these days, but most people don’t know that money can be made by planting trees! Forestry investment can, quite literally, see money grow on trees; here’s how.

Forestry Investment Tax Breaks

UK forestry investment opportunities are completely free of income and capital gains tax due to the returns from an increase in timber price over many years. Forestry projects are also free of inheritance tax if they are owned for more than two years, making them a ripe opportunity for profit from investors.

Forestry Projects Tend To Retain Value

As opposed to many other investment assets, forestry investment is often seen as a great long-term and stable investment. This is because forestry is relatively low in volatility as well as being predictable – you can make an accurate calculation as to when your forest will mature and the price of the forest at that point.

A Resurgence in Wood Fuel

As fossil-fuel energy has fallen out of favour due to its damaging impact on the environment, and people have decided to take their energy production into their own hands, wood fuel has grown in popularity. Biomass boilers and wood-burning stoves have become more widespread and their installation has been incentivised by government schemes. This means that local wood – from forestry projects – is a more sought-after product for many. By investing in woodland creation in an area which has a high use of biomass boilers, but a low supply of firewood, plenty of profit can be made.

Learn More About Forestry Investment With Woodland Creation

If you are interested in the opportunities afforded to you by forestry investment projects in Scotland, look no further than Woodland Creation. We’re experts in woodland creation and forest management and can help you with the best advice in the industry.

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