Benefits of Buying Woodland For Domestic and Commercial Uses

Over the past few years, woodland projects have become a ripe source of profit for investors. Due to government schemes, which incentivise residents to purchase wood-burning stoves as well as the tax-breaks associated with buying woodland, there is plenty of money to be made by investors. There are also many reasons to buy woodland as a domestic purchaser. Find out more below.

Buying Woodland as an Investment

Buying woodland for investment has become a lucrative opportunity for many commercial forestry owners. Purchases of this kind usually come with a minimum investment of tens of thousands of pounds and are exempt from many types of tax to encourage investment. Commercial woodland can create huge amounts of wealth through the act of selling the timber produced by the trees. This also ensures the sustainability of timber production. Many investors considering this course of action are able to increase profits as a direct result of buying woodland.

Buying Woodland For The Family

Buying woodland can also be a family venture designed purely for leisure and costing significantly less than a commercial opportunity. Families may be able to purchase a woodland for around just £10,000. This kind of investment would get about one acre’s worth of woodland which can be used for family trips and holidays. These areas of woodland can be used for families to embark on camping holidays or generating timber for biomass boilers. Five cubic metres worth of timber can be cut every three months and families are able to camp in the woodland for up to 28 days per year!

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