Why Choose a Sustainable Timber Management Company?

A lot is talked about the vital need for sustainability in society, industry and business. One of the industries that may require an injection of sustainability most is the construction industry. The construction industry is responsible for around 39% of all carbon emissions across the globe. This shocking number shows just how vital it is for change to take place. From reducing the use of gas-guzzling machinery to sustainable timber production, eco-friendly measures need to be taken wholesale across the industry. Just one way to achieve this is through working with a sustainable timber management company.

Sustainable timber management is the practice of sourcing timber from forests which are responsibly managed to ensure that there is a long-lasting source of timber. Forests aren’t simply cut bare and left, they are cultivated to ensure timber production can last in a way that is beneficial for us as well as the environment. As well as being beneficial for several industries, timber management projects protect the wildlife, help to capture carbon dioxide and fight climate change.

Construction is just one example of an industry that can benefit from working with a timber management company. Here, we provide you with more information on what timber management is and how it can benefit you.

What Are Sustainable Timber Management Companies and What Do They Do?

Sustainable forestry and sustainable timber management are methods which help to ensure that timber is produced and sold in a way that maintains a forest’s ecosystem. For many decades, forests have been cut down to their bones, with the timber being sold and the areas left barren. Currently, around 32 million acres of forests are destroyed every year. Sustainable forests are instead grown and harvested to stand the test of time.

Sustainable timber management organisations still log trees to be sold as timber, however, these operations do it in a way that attempts to mimic the natural order of things. This is achieved through a balancing act of growth and harvesting. By managing a forest responsibly, sustainable timber management companies will ensure that the trees can re-grow and that the habitat of the animals is preserved as far as possible.

Timber management organisations practice ‘selective harvesting’ and limit the logging they perform to a smaller scale and only in certain areas of the forest at a time. This process imitates natural processes like fires and landslides so that the environment of the forest isn’t disturbed too much during the process. Companies like ours will carefully plan out which trees can be harvested and when, how many trees per acre can be harvested and how often this can happen to allow regeneration. This all ensures that the habitat of the forest in question is not permanently damaged. It can even be beneficial to the ecosystem of the forest.

Regeneration and changing the landscape of a forest can benefit animals who thrive in those areas. For example, birds may suffer when a certain tree is felled, but ground-dwelling mammals may thrive. Finding a balance means that everyone wins.

What Are The Benefits of Working With a Sustainable Timber Management Company?

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast working on your home or part of a construction firm, there are many benefits of working with a sustainable timber company. It’s not all about the environmental benefits, either!

Versatile, Durable and Effective

From a construction point of view, sustainable timber is a versatile, effective and durable material to use. Wooden structures can last for hundreds of years if they are made with care and adequately protected from the threat of fire. Timber comes in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and is easily mailable, unlike stone or bricks.

It Looks Great!

Timber is a natural material and, as such, looks great when used in houses which are attempting a more rustic aesthetic. In rural areas, wood fits seamlessly into the surroundings and looks beautiful.


Sustainable timber provides natural insulation to homes and timber frames can also provide more cavity space for further insulation to be installed. By improving the insulation of a home with sustainable timber, you can reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Sustainable Timber Captures Carbon

In terms of environmental benefits, sustainable timber – when being cultivated by sustainable timber management organisations – captures carbon from the atmosphere. Sustainable forestry practices ensure that at least as many new trees are planted as are cut down. This levels out the carbon that a forest captures from the atmosphere. Even when trees are cut down, the carbon capture capabilities of the forest remain at least neutral.

Completely Renewable

Timber is a renewable resource. Over time, more trees can grow to then be harvested again. With care and attention, we can keep the timber resources buoyant. However, the materials required to create steel, bricks and plastic are not renewable and often require huge amounts of fossil-fuel energy during the production process.

Low-Embodied Energy

Embodied energy defines the energy required to produce, process and transport material from its burgeoning stages to the customer. Timber has low-embodied energy which means that timber only requires a little processing in comparison to other materials like steel or plastic.

Easy To Use In Construction

When building a home or an outbuilding in your garden, timber is far easier to use than stone or bricks. Timber frames are quicker to erect, cost less and will save you time. If you’re working on a domestic project, and need a little help from a professional, carpenters are often cheaper to hire too.

The Importance of Sustainable Timber Production

Sustainable timber is critical. If we continue on the destructive path we have been on for decades, we simply won’t have any woodlands left. Ancient woodlands in Britain have centuries of history, with our ancestors using them to live and thrive in for thousands of years. If we are not careful, we could see all of that history wiped from the landscape.

As well as historical importance, woodlands provide necessary habitat for animals and plant life. Without thriving woodlands which are looked after responsibly, these areas may disappear. Sustainable timber organisations still cut down trees to use for timber, but they ensure that the wider ecosystem remains intact. Being careful and considerate in our approach to timber production means that we can keep a balance between using necessary resources for construction and still keeping the very best of the wildlife intact. Woodlands protected nearby towns and villages from the harsh weather and will also improve the local air quality. Ensuring sustainable timber companies can thrive benefits us, the environment and the local wildlife.

Looking For a Timber Management Company To Help You With a Timber Cultivation project? Look No Further

Woodland Creation Scotland are the experts when it comes to forest timber cultivation and timber management. We have worked on many projects which aim to create a lasting and sustainable source of timber for businesses and communities. If you are an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, investing in forest timber cultivation projects could be right up your street! As well as benefiting the environment, there is ample opportunity for lucrative returns.

Forest timber can help to capture and store carbon which is in the environment. So, as well as being able to make a healthy return on your investment, you’ll also be doing your bit to fight climate change. As forest timber cultivation experts, we provide personal service, high-quality advice, professional solutions and have highly trained staff working with us.

To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us today and we’d be happy to help. You can find us at Woodland Creation Scotland, Durn, Isla Road, Perth PH2 7HG. Alternatively, call us on 01738 442 903 or email us at info@woodlandcreationscotland.co.uk.

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