The Best Forests and Woodlands in Scotland

There are very few things that feel quite as calming and soothing as taking a stroll through a peaceful forest. For many of us, woodland areas are places of wonder that need to be protected at all costs. Forests are a crucial component of our planet, providing habitats for vast quantities of animals across the UK as well as helping to maintain the balance of the air around us. With this in mind, Scotland boasts some of the most spectacular forests and woodlands in the world. Here we have listed a few of our favourites, which you should certainly consider visiting for your next afternoon walk.

Glenmore Forest Park

This lies in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. It’s a perfect spot to venture out and experience what makes the National Park so perfect, the forests that have been growing for centuries which form a green expanse around high, rocky mountains, and lochs with sweeping beaches along the way. Beautiful wildflowers and birds thrive in the forest, a great deal of the forest park is also a National Nature Reserve. The best thing is, it’s simple to explore, with endless things to see and do.

Rothiemurchus Forest

Lots of people consider Rothiemurchus is the crème de la crème of Scotland’s Caledonian pine forests. A leafy green expanse with the Cairngorm mountains as a stunning backdrop, the forest was owned by the Grant family over the course of 500 years prior to being sold to the Forestry Commission in 2014. David Attenborough referred to the forest as it as ‘one of the glories of wild Scotland’ and it is hugely popular with visitors; the walk around Loch an Eilein having been voted Britain’s best picnic location.

Abernethy Forest

Although perhaps lesser well known by name than neighbouring Rothiemurchus, Abernethy Forest is the largest remaining area of the ancient Caledonian Forest. This huge expanse is owned and cared for by the RSPB, and is home to the Loch Garten ospreys as well as being a key refuge for the endangered Capercaillie, the huge grouse known to Gaels as the ‘horse of the woods’ due to its clip-clop sounding call.

Glen Affric

Many consider the pinewoods that clothe Glen Affric one of the most beautiful woodlands in Scotland. The Glen has been subject to some intensive plantings in the past but today the emphasis is very much focused on the importance of natural processes, fostering a return to natural woodland. The walks around Dog Falls and the River Affric are deservedly popular, whilst the wild circuit of Loch Affric is regarded as a classic.

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