Health Benefits of Walking in the Woods

Most of us relish in spending a bit of time outdoors, it’s good for our physical wellbeing and our bodies, however, in some cases, we forget just how crucial it is to stay in proper physical and mental health. With this in mind here in this blog, we outline some of the main benefits of going for walks in the woods.

Combatting Depression

A survey conducted discovered that those who live close forested areas (areas with a vast number of trees) have improved mental health and experience less anxiety as well as depression. There’s certainly something highly relaxing and serene about being around trees, so if you experience depression or low mood it might be a good idea to take a stroll through a forest every now and then.

Improved Sleep

various studies have indicated that spending a night in the forest can be brilliant for your internal body clock. As people, we are designed to rise with the sun and sleep with the moon, and without all the everyday distractions and artificial lighting in an urban environment, it’s much easier to tap into this age-old instinct, and very much improve the quality of your sleep by doing this.

Lowers stress levels

A forest environment can have a very relaxing impact on your nervous system, which is a reason why almost all mental institutions are located on the brink of a forested area. Trees are also great at absorbing noise, this basically means that the noise floor, something that affects your psyche in a subconscious way, is much lower than in a city environment. It’s a great idea to give your mind and your ears a break from your busy schedule every so often, and there’s no better way than treating it to a nice, long walk through the woods.

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